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We're Glad You're Here !


     We rejoice in the knowledge that God has crossed our paths today!  We pray that He opens our eyes to how we can encourage you and experience the blessings of your presence with us.  We do not believe your visit to our church web site was by chance, so we invite you to join with our church family as we worship, learn, grow and encourage one another. 


     Jesus established the Church to be a community of believers, a family, to encourage each other in unity and to project His love to the world.  As a family, our goal is to love each other without conditions or expectations,  We confess that we are unable, on our own, to practice the unconditional love demonstrated by our Father, but we pray and desire that He empowers us to demonstrate His love to you and those around us.

     If you are searching for a group of people to accept you where you are and challenge you to grow in your reflection of God's love, "Welcome" for that is our goal.  For those who  call this "Home", we commit to pray, to listen with compassion, to forgive and to nurture.  We invite you to experience our church family.  We invite you to explore our Father with us in worship, fellowship and growth.  We're glad you're here - WELCOME !



And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayers. . .    Acts 2:42

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