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We walk in the cool of the evening  with him and by the dew of the morning we are refreshed. He whispers we are his own.
Come away with us into the mysteries of God, A garden enclosed. Eden is abounding with life and alive! We must turn to see the burning bush for we ARE the Holy Ground.
Grow in a passion for His presence.
Rest and Relax in the arms of God. Return to His original design, the breath, The Eden Life

The earlybird retreat special is $165 if you register with your $50 deposit by Dec 31, 2023.  The retreat cost goes to $175 after Dec 31, 2023.

Click the button below to let us know if you're coming with us!

For those needing to make an online payment for their depost, please click below.  If not, you can turn in cash or check on Sunday at the church!

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